About Maris Celmins Photography

As said my Master: "Everything is light".
The Master seems true, because everything that we can see around us is due to visible light. The light, which a man is able to see without the technology or tools. Thus the Nature given ability to see, makes our lives so interesting and colorful.

Maris Celmins


Visible light, which a man can be seen with the naked eye, can give us a lot of beautiful views - both natural and urban environments, and gaze into the distance, as well as looking at the range, for example - beautiful flowers.
Photography is my hobby for a long time. But seriously I turned to photography about five years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera - Canon EOS 450D. Since then I have had to learn the new skills and remember things that were well forgotten. Over the past 10 years I have worked in local government IT center, so I have time for photography only on weekends and holidays or when traveling.
My photos are mostly dominated by landscapes, urban architecture, flowers, and close-ups. In my photographs I try to show the beauty that I've noticed all around. Hope that you will get the enjoyment of natural beauty, looking at these pictures. Enjoy!





Blue Anemone






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You can easely contact with me via email:

maris at celmins dot lv